The book of Ann is the 12th FRIOUR project.

Who is Ann? For me she is a real person.
For you she's a mythical femail.

Let's construct together the book of Ann!

How does she feel? How does she thinks? How does she act? Is she a rebel? Is she a mother? Is she the salt of the earth?

Free size and medium. Text and poems are also welcome. Deadline for contributions is 31 December 2011.
All the contributions will be united in a time capsule.
Documentation on this blog.
Unfriendly femail mail art will be banned.

Mail address: The book of Ann, c/o Guido Vermeulen, Thomas Vinçottestreet 81, B-1030 Brussels, Belgium


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woensdag 17 augustus 2011

ANN, how mild was the bait ...

6 page poem from Superhero, very personal, that's why I scanned it this way, but to have a taste of this text here are some marvelous fragments:

The earth explodes into fragments of my life

my heart folds into the manifolds where boundaries cease to exist

abortion is a mystery of christ when all god's lemmings go to hell

seduction lies in the fluidity of your precious words, how mild is the bait that you have cast into my sea

quicksand is working against me just when I think it is safe to breathe

rewind now the day I can't let go off, capture it and send it in a dream to me, where each blade of grass stands perfectly

have I lost touch with the unrealities that once were held so dear to me?

it is here I strip the bark, the outer edges of who I'm not

Id like so much to be what you desire, smoke & magic & ... all the things I am not.


After an email discussion Superhero did not mind that I publish the full text. So next entry is the complete poem.

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