The book of Ann is the 12th FRIOUR project.

Who is Ann? For me she is a real person.
For you she's a mythical femail.

Let's construct together the book of Ann!

How does she feel? How does she thinks? How does she act? Is she a rebel? Is she a mother? Is she the salt of the earth?

Free size and medium. Text and poems are also welcome. Deadline for contributions is 31 December 2011.
All the contributions will be united in a time capsule.
Documentation on this blog.
Unfriendly femail mail art will be banned.

Mail address: The book of Ann, c/o Guido Vermeulen, Thomas Vinçottestreet 81, B-1030 Brussels, Belgium


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maandag 28 maart 2011

I'm attracted to Ann like a lunar moth to a golden flame

Art and photo received from Meg Taney Founds, USA.
In a personal letter Meg comments on her photo:
"Here is a photo of a Luna (lunar?) moth. It went to the object like a moth to the flame. We put it in our spring vegetable garden this week."

Butterflies and moths are creatures of transformation and transition, so strong symbols for love in all its expressions.

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