The book of Ann is the 12th FRIOUR project.

Who is Ann? For me she is a real person.
For you she's a mythical femail.

Let's construct together the book of Ann!

How does she feel? How does she thinks? How does she act? Is she a rebel? Is she a mother? Is she the salt of the earth?

Free size and medium. Text and poems are also welcome. Deadline for contributions is 31 December 2011.
All the contributions will be united in a time capsule.
Documentation on this blog.
Unfriendly femail mail art will be banned.

Mail address: The book of Ann, c/o Guido Vermeulen, Thomas Vinçottestreet 81, B-1030 Brussels, Belgium


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vrijdag 2 september 2011

1980's love drops


by love i mean that cloudy place
that overshadows normal thinking;
that daydream state;
floating castle
where the carebears
carve their magic kingom;
where my little ponies
on wings, flutter by;
and everything is
rainbow brite.

violin bow;
scratching your voice
upon my heart;
smooth echoes,
savory swollen
rounds of sounds;
bleeding out all
trace of pain
with vibrant,
golden  rays.

Super Hero.

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